Packaging sponge application in different industries Case introduction and main performance description

Release date: 2017-05-17 Views: 470
All industries need to be packaged to do the product of the fixed, most of which is done with a sponge, in fact, knowledgeable people clearly packing sponge is divided into a variety of different products for the need to use different types of sponges to do the packaging , Such as hardware on the need for relatively hard sponge, because the hardware is very heavy things, sponge is relatively soft, then it can not play a better shock effect; such as packaging mouse when you need to use a relatively soft sponge , Because the mouse class is very light, too hard sponge will be more likely to scratch the surface of the product; packaging sponge is not limited to the soft and hard, and some special mat products on the static requirements, you need a special anti-static sponge to do Packed up.
 Small packaging sponge looked at the inconspicuous things, even in different industries can play a very important support role, we should be more quietly research and development of a stronger product, product upgrades are essential links, Made in China 2025 people need our different industries to scramble to strengthen their product performance and quality, from my start, from a small packaging sponge to start, for the Chinese manufacturing refueling praise!