The main characteristics of high quality shockproof lined packaging Zhenzhu Mian

Release date: 2017-05-17 Views: 576
Made in China more and more high-quality escalation, making the packaging lined with pearl cotton also need better quality to meet the increasingly demanding quality packaging products need, not just as before, just pay attention to a beautiful appearance can be more attention The transport process of its excellent functional characteristics, which requires packaging EPE have a higher quality, so good quality of pearl cotton which have the main features which? We are together to analyze.
First, the characteristics: protective; Zhenzhu Mian is mainly used to the role of packaging lining, the core is shock protection, high-quality Zhenzhu Mian in this point must be 100% qualified to be qualified, then a very simple way to judge is We can drop from the height of the pearl cotton down to see if it can play the role of earthquake, if there is no problem that shows the quality of shock or can.
The second feature: waterproof; EPE is an independent bubble structure of the sponge, we have to consider the impact of the transport process weather, such as rainy days, which requires pearl cotton must have a good waterproof performance to be considered qualified, so we can Water bubble inside, if the water is very easy to enter its internal, then it can not be regarded as high-quality packaging lining.
The third feature: fire; fire retardant is the new standard packaging lining, more and more fire cases continue to remind us in the packaging products must have a fire standard products can be, under normal circumstances after the packaging of products are Is to enter the warehouse stack, the fire more unexpected circumstances, we have to do a foolproof protection strategy, so high-quality packaging Zhenzhu Mian must have the fire characteristics can be.
The above three performance standards are the main core features of high quality packaging EPE, which provides a basis for us to generate and purchase high quality linings, and there may be higher standards of lining properties in the future. High standard requirements to improve product quality, so high-quality packaging Zhenzhu Mian to continue sublimation can.