The concept of environmental sponge and the association and difference with ordinary sponge

Release date: 2017-05-17 Views: 382
Environmental sponge is mainly in the raw materials above the strict requirements, sponge is a lot of chemical substances from the polymerization reaction, its main chemical composition is polyurethane, is a polymer material, so the chemical reaction will produce a lot of irritating gas, is toxic substance. Environmental sponge is required in the sponge without such a toxic substance, is able to break down, this kind of environmental requirements are relatively high mainly used in cleaning and bathing above, the main component is a wood pulp fiber composition, is able to absorb water and natural decomposition , Can fully comply with the EU rosh environmental certification and the United States UL certification of things.
Environmental sponge and ordinary sponge difference is mainly in the composition, the general sponge is mainly composed of ordinary polyurethane, and environmental sponge is mainly able to naturally decompose wood pulp fiber, the former harmful to the human body, the latter harmless to the human body.
It is because of their respective characteristics, so we have to use in the distinction, such as in the bath when the use of environmentally friendly wood pulp fiber, when packing with ordinary sponge.