PE material packaging sponge details

Release date: 2017-05-17 Views: 526
PE is the English word Expandable Polyethylene acronym, the English word is translated into Chinese meaning is polyethylene, commonly known as pearl cotton, it is a new environmentally friendly packaging sponge material.
PE packaging sponge material is produced by the low density of polyethylene resin physical foaming numerous independent but not broken cells made of. Compared with ordinary PU packaging sponge material, PE material is more difficult to break, deformation, compression, it can be said that it successfully overcome the shortcomings of ordinary packaging sponge, moisture, shock, silence, tough, plasticity, anti-static, anti Chemical corrosion is its proprietary features, the unit price is cheaper than ordinary packaging sponge, packaging electronic equipment, computers, hardware accessories, ceramics, home appliances and other products of choice for packaging.