Customized packaging sponge before the preparatory work

Release date: 2017-05-17 Views: 823
Packaging sponge custom is also need to have a certain process, the preparatory work to do a good job in order to better customize the need for lining, then the preparatory work in the early stage which?
First, be prepared to pack the weight and value of the product, which is directly related to the density of the packaging sponge. For example, some of the lower weight and low value of the product can be preferred low-density sponge packaging, weight and value of the product is preferred high density sponge packaging.
Second, ready to pack the product specifications, where the specifications are mainly the external dimensions of the product, the more complex products need to have a corresponding three-dimensional drawings, which is mainly to packaging sponge more accurate mold is necessary.
Third, ready to product in kind, under normal circumstances will be customized packaging sponge will be proofing, with the product in kind to better see the proofing sponge can meet the packaging use, because the big goods are made in batches , Prenatal samples as much as possible to confirm good, or do big cargo is not very troublesome.
Above we detail to the custom packaging sponge pre-need to prepare the work, which is the most basic needs, of course, other information and information to prepare more fully and more quickly to do a good job, we list only to the basic necessary preparation work, hope Can help everyone!